This London garden belongs to a Victorian property which has been recently beautifully updated. The garden is set on two main terraces (the lower one sloping significantly) with an abundance of overgrown shrubs and trees. The clients wished to invigorate the garden, especially the planting, yet keep some lovely specimens such as a Greengage, Apples, Magnolia and a large Fig, and to incorporate visually into the design a new large office/ shed which was positioned at the rear.

The brief therefore was to design a more contemporary yet classic garden with romantic planting, to include more colour, a cedar greenhouse (from Gabriel Ash) and raised beds. In addition the existing woodland area at the bottom of the garden was to be replanted, a 1.8m fence running along the top of a brick wall for the length of the lower terrace was to be screened, and the top terrace was to be made safe so as to incorporate a seating area close to the existing pond.

The build (undertaken by Landscape Associates) took several weeks including extensive clearing, the laying of sloping pathways, irrigation, electrics and the planting of a line of pleached hornbeam trees (from Ladybrook nurseries) with enormous rootballs to be accomodated. These trees were pleached to order, as individual stem heights were required to adjust the ‘hedge on stilts’ to the slope of the garden.
The top terrace was bordered by cedar trellis from the Garden Trellis Companyand all weather furniture purchased fromNeptune.

The planting consisted of a mixture of small trees, both evergreen and deciduous shrubs, Yew topiary, climbers and perennials to spread across the seasons from Spring to late Autumn. These will be supplemented with tulips, alliums and woodland bulbs.