Jobs to do in December

December seems very short to me – finishing with the hectic celebrations of Christmas and New Year, so the first three weeks are precious if you want to keep up with jobs to do in the garden.




  • When the weather is awful its useful to be able to stay in the garage or shed and clean and repair garden tools and equipment. Its also a great time of year to service the mower.

  • Autumn will very often have been wet so with hopefully the drier days of December, perhaps clean patio areas and paving of algae and dirt. This may very well need to be repeated in the spring but it will be a less strenuous job. Diluted washing up liquid and a stiff brush will often suffice but if you choose to use a pressure washer be aware of damaging any pointing around paving slabs.

Now is a good time too for making sure that fences, trellises, and other garden architecture is in good repair before new growth and climbers make this more challenging in the spring. Loose fixings, rotting bits and algae covered wood can all be dealt with now.

  • By early December all but the balmiest parts of the country will have experienced hard frost so if you haven’t already lift cannas and dahlias to dry off somewhere before storing for next year. if your soil is free draining and you have mild winters you may risk cutting these down and mulching over to protect the crowns from the worst of the weather.

Cannas on the Cote D’Azur
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