Jobs to do in June

At last the weather is warmer, brighter and free from frost even in the coldest parts of the country….time to get on with these jobs to do in the garden…..




  • All tender plants, annual flowers and vegetable seedlings can now be planted outside of the greenhouse, if you haven’t done this already. Annuals and vegetables in the main grow best in full sun so bear this in mind when planting out, though water is important too. 
  • Due to our fantastic spring many roses will have already finished flowering. All roses that repeat flower, including some ramblers and climbers, should be deadheaded now to encourage more blooms. Good to give a good water and feed too.
Rosa Constance Spry
Rosa Sweet Juliet
  • The dead foliage of tulips can be cleared away six weeks after flowering. Be careful not to pull too hard as sometimes the bulbs can lift too. Of course you can choose to lift bulbs and replant in the autumn but I find this to be a disappointing chore as most will still not flower next year. Best in my opinion to leave in situ, adding more bulbs in November for a great fresh display.
  • It is also a great idea to deadhead rhododendrons. The buds for next spring will already be making an appearance so if your shrub is not too large snap off the last flowering head. Care is needed though to avoid taking next years with it. Flowering will be improved if you can find the time to carry out this task.
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