Jobs to do in November

Although tempting to sit indoors in the warm drinking a cup of coffee during November, there are lots of jobs to do in the garden during this month.

  • November is a great time to review changes and improvements required in your garden. It is useful to have taken a few notes each month during the year of plants to move, plants to lift and replace, perennials to divide and design ideas you may have.
  • Continue to plant tulip bulbs in pots or the ground during this month. If in pots and you have a squirrel problem consider covering with wire netting. If planting in the ground plant deep on a bit of horticultural grit if your soil holds water.
  • Protect tall lanky plants such as large roses and buddleja from the ill effects of strong winds by reducing by a third. These can be revisited again in late February/ March for a final prune.
  • Continue mowing the lawn in dry weather but raise the blades to a higher level. Consider whether your lawn would benefit from hollow-tine aeration and scarification over the next few months. It is possible to do this yourself or hire equipment if you have a large lawn. Alternatively firms such as  Greenthumb  can do it for you.
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