Jobs to do in September

With September upon us it is an opportunity to get ahead of ourselves and start to clear up the garden whilst the weather is still reasonably warm. The following are jobs to do in the garden in September:



  • Now is an ideal time to lift and divide perennials. Those clumps that have been getting larger each year and now have only disappointing amounts of flowers are prime candidates. Most can be lifted, split into smaller clumps using two back to back forks, and replanted back into the garden to build better more floriforous plants next year. Some perennials will have a very dead looking centre so plants like Heucheras and Daylilies should have this bit discarded and the outer clumps used in preference. This method should be carried out every 3/4 years with most perennials and it is an ideal way to both rejuvenate plants and to increase their number.
  • September is a good time to re-clip hedges and topiary before it gets too cold. Clipped now plants will have time to grow a bit and harden up before the first autumn frosts. They will also look smart and defined through the winter months when they take centre stage.
  • If you haven’t already done so now is the time to organise bulbs. Bulbs such as Daffodils and Alliums should be planted now, and orders made for Tulips so that your preferred selection can be secured for planting later on in autumn/ winter. Below is a photo of a garden recently designed in Herne Hill with its first year of tulip planting.
  • Although it is warm at the moment remember that any tender perennials or greenhouse plants that are currently outside need to be pampered so be attentive to early frost warnings. Dahlias are fine though to be left outside into October / November and lifted (or protected in warmer climates) when they blacken with the first heavy chills.
  • If you have a greenhouse consider sowing next years hardy annuals now, under cover. Plants like Orlaya and Cerinthe can germinate now and make more robust, earlier flowering plants next year if protected over the winter.
Orlaya grandiflora, Iris and Astrantia

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