Jobs to do in May

As the weather continues to be mild and warm shrubs, trees and herbaceous plants are growing at a gallop. May is a good time to regain control of your garden – unless you do so now it is very difficult to catch up in June and July when everything goes into top gear.
Jobs to do in the garden in May include:-
*Remove daffodil foliage in the borders, and mow where they are planted in grass. The bulbs should have been nourished through the leaves enough by now and a good tidy is what’s called for.
*Tulips that have finished should have their old heads snapped off so to prevent them going to seed and, like daffodils above, should be left for around six weeks so that the leaves can help reinvigorate bulb production. For this reason it’s a good idea to plant tulip bulbs next to perennials whose leaves unfurl around this time which can cover decaying tulip leaves. Plants such as ferns and hostas are ideal.
*May means the Chelsea Flower Show, and this means time for the Chelsea Chop! This is a way to extend flowering of summer perennials and manage heights in the border. Please refer here to my previous blog.
* Climbing plants, and in particular Clematis, put on masses of growth during May so almost daily attention should be given to tie them in to help them cover pergolas, trellis and obelisks. Once these plants have set off in one determined direction it is very easy to snap them if trying to persuade them otherwise.
* Ideally staking should have taken place during late Match and April, but if not emergency staking of tall perennials should happen now. Delphiniums, young Aconitums, lilies, and annuals such as Cosmos will all benefit from a cane or two beside them and a tie of garden twine.

Wisteria brakybotrys

Above all May is for appreciating beautiful spring flowers at their best. Laburnum and wisteria in particular put on a fantastic display. Enjoy!


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